What Is the Best Dog Bowls for Boxers?


Everybody knows that if your looking for a family friendly pooch with high energy levels and unwavering loyalty, then boxers are your best bet.

So what better way to return the love and devotion that your pet boxer shows you then with a reward of giving them the best dog bowl that you can find.

The trouble is there’s so many different dog bowls out there for various breeds and sizes of dogs that trying to find that perfect dog bowl can feel like quite the monumental task.

So how does one determine what is the best dog bowls for boxers?

In this article, we’re going to examine the different types of dog bowls out there best suited for boxers.

What Type of Material to Get?

Dog Bowls for Boxers

With so many new dog bowls coming out left and right from manufacturers, its tough staying ahead of the pack.

In the past, most dog bowls were confined to either plastic or ceramic.

However, in recent years, we’re seeing stainless steel metal dog bowls and even silicone dog bowls make it out to the market.

If your considering getting a dog bowl for your Boxer, here’s what you need to know about each type of material used in the creation of dog bowls:


  • Cheap and very affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Susceptible to getting scratches and are prone to having bacteria thrive in the dog bowl
  • Difficult to sanitize and clean thoroughly to get rid of bacteria
  • Plastic can be damaged and even broken through accidental impact or the dog chewing and mauling on it
  • May not be BPA free depending on the manufacturer


  • More durable than plastic dog bowls
  • Also affordable
  • Easier to clean than plastic
  • Susceptible to getting damaged and chipped. Once that happens, bacteria can start inhabiting in the dog bowl while cleaning and sanitizing the damaged area can be difficult

Stainless Stain Metal

  • Very durable and can last a lifetime if proper care is used
  • Easy to clean and usually dishwasher safe
  • Some of the dog bowls are even non-slip
  • More expensive compared to plastic and ceramic dog bowls
  • If your dog suffers from a metal allergy your out of luck


  • Lightweight and collapsible, making it very easy to transport
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Height can be adjusted to an extent
  • Chance of bowl accidentally collapsing when the dog is using it
  • Can be damaged through biting and chewing
  • May be not suitable for larger dogs
  • Usually need to buy a top separately
  • Jury still out on whether or not silicone dog bowls are 100% safe for use

Boxers have a reputation for packing a serious bite with their teeth and jaws. This means options like plastic and silicone are out of the picture. Ceramic dog bowls are durable, however are prone to getting broken or worn out over time, exposing your dog to harmful bacterial.

Therefore this leaves stainless steel dog bowls as the clear winner. These dog bowls are ultra durable, lasting a lifetime, non-sliding, and are easy to disinfect and clean. Your dog’s voracious bite is no match for the strength of these stainless steel dog bowls. The non-sliding nature of the stainless stain dog bowl also makes it harder to skid across the floor, a bonus as boxers are quite strong and can easily move dog bowls around while eating.

Selecting The Right Size Dog Bowl

best Dog Bowls for Boxers

In addition to the type of material used in a dog bowl, the size of a dog bowl matters.

Dog bowls that are large are best suited for larger dogs, as it makes eating out of the bowl easier.

Likewise, smaller dog bowls were designed for smaller dogs, giving them access to food that would have otherwise been harder to reach.

Using the wrong dog bowl size with your Boxer can have disastrous consequences such as causing neck strain, back pain, and even obesity brought on by overeating.

Since Boxers are medium sized dogs, they could go with either option depending on the size and build of your Boxer.

It’s best to test out various sizes with your dog before deciding on which one to get them.

Pay a visit to a local pet store in your area, and simply try placing several dog bowls in front of your Boxer to test out whether or not the size is suitable for them.

Remember, a dog bowl should be just the right size for your dog so that they can eat their food without there being too much extra space on the bowl. The dog should be able to stick their mouth and nose into the bowl comfortably but not more.

One last tip, you may opt for a shallow and broad dog bowl if your Boxer is on the smaller end of the scale, whereas a full mature Boxer may require a deep dog bowl.

Elevated or Non-Elevated Dog Bowls?

As boxers are medium height dogs, you may find that a regular non-elevated dog bowl is sufficient for their needs. Placing the dog bowl on the floor for your beloved dog will be adequate in most cases.

However, if you are seeing signs of bloating and difficulty eating their food or perhaps even breathing problems due to their short snouts, an elevated dog bowl may be a better option.

Elevated dog bowls are dog bowls that are raised off the floor to a higher level, giving the dog access to food without the need to crouch or slouch over. Large and tall dogs usually benefit the most from elevated dog bowls.

For dogs with joint or mobility issues, elevated dog bowls are generally recommended so as to not exacerbate the medical condition. If you boxer has any sort of mobility or joint issues, an elevated dog bowl would be a better option for them.

Normal vs Slow-Feeder Dog Bowl?

Boxer looking at something

Boxers have a reputation for gulping down their food really fast.

This could potentially lead to several health problems such as choking, bloating, and even Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) (twisting of the stomach and trapping of air and blockage of blood in the stomach and spleen).

Also dogs that tend to eat really fast, often times cause their owners to overfeed them leading to weight gain and potentially obesity.

This is where slow feeder dog bowls come into the picture.

These dog bowls are specially designed to slow down the rate that dogs can eat their food.

The dog bowl is usually designed so that a puzzle or maze must first be solved before the dog is given access to his food. The quantity of food is also controlled with slow feeder dog bowls.

This makes it easy to train your dog to eat much slower and helping them reduce the risk of developing any health complications from eating.

In addition, it helps your dog maintain a healthy body composition.

And if this isn’t enough, these slow feeder dog bowls also provide mental stimulation for your dog, helping to keep his brain muscles working.


Boxers are a popular choice for a pet, due to their friendliness, devotion, loyalty, and high energy levels.

However, trying to select a dog bowl best suited for them may not be the easiest of feats due to the dog’s middle of the road stature and build.

In this article, we talked about several considerations to make when deciding on what type of dog bowls for boxers to get.

These include things like:

  • The type of material used in the dog bowl
  • The size of the dog bowl
  • The height of the dog bowl
  • A standard vs slow feeder version of the dog bowl

Stainless stain dog bowls remain the best option for Boxers due to their durability and strength to withstand the strong bite of Boxers.

Since Boxers are medium build dogs, they have more options when it comes to the other attributes such as size and height of the dog bowl. If your boxer is on the smaller end of the spectrum, then a small dog bowl with a standard height is more suitable for them.

If on the other hand, they are on the taller and bulkier side of the scale, then you will need to get them a larger elevated dog bowl.

Lastly, slow feeder dog bowls make a great option for Boxers due to the habit of Boxers gulping down their food in record time. These bowls help your dog maintain a healthy body mass while preventing a slew of health problems.

With these key considerations in mind, you will be better able to select the best possible dog bowl for your beloved pet Boxer and hopefully keep him happy and well feed.

Let me know in the comments below what type of dog bowl you are using to feed your Boxer.

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