What Is a Cordless Heated Water Bowl?


If your like me and you live in country with 4 seasons with bone chilling cold winters, enough to freeze your socks off within minutes, then you realize how important having adequate heating and warm water is.

However, we sometimes fail to realize that our pet dogs also need warm water for drinking.

You wouldn’t drink subzero temperature ice cold water in the middle of winter would you?

So why would your pets do the same?

Luckily, there’s an awesome cool invention called a cordless heated water bowl.

But what is a cordless heated water bowl exactly?

A cordless heated water bowl for dogs is essential a dog water bowl that heats up to provide your pet dog with warm room temperature water to drink.

Here are a few things to know about cordless heated water bowls:

How Does it Work?

dog drinking from non cordless heated water bowl

There are 2 variations of cordless heated water bowls.

The first are solar powered cordless heated water bowls. In this version, you simply fill the heated water bowl with water and set it out in the sun. As the battery cells start storing power, it starts to heat the water for your pet dog. There are no wires with this water bowl so you simply set it out where there’s a lot of sun and off you go.

The second variation of a cordless heated water bowl are battery powered. These are a little more bigger and chunkier, however they are no wires and they are still portable. As for the first one, you simply fill the water bowl with water and turn the heated water bowl on. The water will become heated over time and drinkable. Some of these models can even aerate water to minimize saliva & slime buildup on the water surface. In addition, some manufacturers include tablets for adding to the the water for helping to improve a dog’s dental health through the prevent plaque and tartar buildup. If you live in an environment where there’s not much sun or if your looking for something with a bit more reliability in case solar powered heated water bowls aren’t enough, then the battery operated version would be a better fit for you.

Is Giving Your Dog Warm Water Really Necessary?

dog drinking from fountain

Having readily accessibly warm water for your pet dog is key for keeping them hydrated.

If the water is too cold, then your dog won’t drink out of the it.

Likewise if the water is also too hot, then your dog also won’t drink out of it, or very little of it. Your dog also faces potential risk of burning their tongue when trying to drink the hot water.

These will eventually lead to dehydrating and thirst for your dog in the short term. However in the long term, the effects could be a lot more serious.

In addition, giving your dogs ice cold water with ice cubes even in hot humid environments is not ideal, as the ice cubes can damage your dogs teeth as well as choking on the ice cubes.

Giving your dog warm water is not only safe, but is the preferred method of keeping your dog hydrated. It also helps them maintain their body temperature and not throw it through a loop with either very cold water or very hot water.

Benefits of a Cordless Heated Water Bowl

  • Portable: Since there’s no wires you can easily transport a cordless heated water bowl anywhere you go. This makes them perfect for camping trips or vacations.
  • Minimal upkeep costs, especially if using a solar powered cordless heated water bowl. Just simply fill the bowl up, turn it on, and let it rest. It will take care of everything else.
  • Keeps your pet’s water warm allowing your pet to remain hydrated all the time.
  • Can aerate water to minimize saliva and slime buildup
  • Easy to use
  • Some of them are even BPA Free

Cons of Using Cordless Heated Water Bowls

  • If using a solar powered cordless heated water bowl, you will require a lot of sun. This means you won’t get the most out of it if you live in an region without a lot of sun and daylight
  • Prone to wind blowing debris and dirt onto the heated water bowl: Since the heated water bowl will mainly be used outdoors, you run the risk of things potentially falling into the heated water bowl, especially in windy environments.
  • More expensive than traditional water bowls. Cordless heated water bowls can cost upwards of 3-4 times as much as a traditional dog bowl.
  • Bigger than traditional water bowls. Since batteries need to be housed in the dog bowl unit, it adds to the size of the dog bowl.

Should You Get One?

non cordless heated water bowl

If you live somewhere with extreme cold temperature such as in Alaska or the arctic, then a cordless heated water bowl makes a lot of sense. The water can get quite cold if left outside and this device helps the water remain warm for your dog to drink.

Also for those of you do a lot of travel or your pet dog is outside a lot, especially in colder climates, a cordless heated water bowl just might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

They are portable, cost effective, easy to use, and helps keep your dog hydrated and happy. They also aren’t too expensive neither despite costing more than traditional dog bowls.

If you stay indoors a lot with your dog, and you don’t do a lot of traveling then perhaps the more traditional dog bowls such as a plastic, ceramic, or a stainless stain metal dog bowl would be suffice.

Also if your traveling around a lot to warmer climates and don’t want to carry around a lot of luggage, a silicone collapsible dog bowl would be a better option compared to a cordless heated water bowl. These are extremely light, collapsible, BPA-free, and highly portable. However they are prone to tipping and collapsing if enough force is used against them.


We all know how important water is to life.

We use it for many things including keeping us alive.

When we live in colder climates, we sometimes don’t consider whether or not the temperature of our water is suitable for our pet dogs to drink.

Having a readily available source of clean warm drinking water is of utmost importance for keeping our dogs healthy and happy.

A cordless heated water bowl is the perfect fix for those of us currently experiencing this dilemma.

Cordless heated water bowls are portable, easy to use, require minimal upkeep, helps aerate the water to reduce saliva and slime, and keeps your dog’s water warm for them to drink.

However they do require either a lot of sun to charge the solar cells if your using a solar powered version and tend to be a little more expensive compared to regular dog bowls.

But still, considering all of the benefits that it will bring to your pet dog, the higher price tag more than makes up for it.

At the very least, you will have a very happy and hydrated dog that will thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Let me know in the comments below whether or not you have ever used a cordless heated water bowl and what your experience with using it was like.

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