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  • washing dishes

    Can You Wash Dog Bowls with Dish Soap?

    Intro With so many bacteria and germs out there, its hard not to be a little anxious about the cleanliness of our dog’s bowl and how to properly get rid of…

  • dog drinking out of a water bowl

    What Size Dog Bowl Should I Buy?

    Intro What size dog bowl should I buy? This seems to be a very common question faced by many dog owners. For some pet owners, simply slapping on some food or…

  • raised dog bowl

    Are Raised Bowls Bad For Dogs?

    Introduction We all know the importance of keeping your dog well fed and hydrated. But do we also consider the comfort levels of our pet dogs while they are eating or…

  • boxer

    What Is the Best Dog Bowls for Boxers?

    Introduction Everybody knows that if your looking for a family friendly pooch with high energy levels and unwavering loyalty, then boxers are your best bet. So what better way to return…

  • dog with old woman

    Are Silicone Bowls Safe for Dogs?

    Intro With so many new dog bowl options out there nowadays dog owners are having a tough time deciding on which types of dog bowls to buy. In the past most…

  • dog bowl size

    Does Dog Bowl Size Matter?

    Intro With so many different dog bowl options out there nowadays, its tough to decide what size dog bowl to get for your dog. Should you just opt for an all…

  • dog drinking water

    What Is a Cordless Heated Water Bowl?

    Intro If your like me and you live in country with 4 seasons with bone chilling cold winters, enough to freeze your socks off within minutes, then you realize how important…

  • metal dog bowl with food

    Can Dogs Be Allergic to Metal Bowls?

    Disclaimer: I am not a vet, medical professional, or an expert on pet medical conditions. If you suspect that your dog has a medical condition, its advised to seek professional medical…

  • dog looking sad

    How Do Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Work?

    Does it feel like your dog is sprinting in a race when trying to devour their food? Are you concerned about them choking on their food because of how fast they…

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